Friday, 6 September 2013

The day before the weekend

I haven't said this for a while but ..TGIF!
A few stories caught my imagination this week..

Firstly footballer Gareth Bale will reportedly be earning £300,000 a week after his move to Real Madrid
( can you imagine?.. I can.. would be lovely)
errr.. bills?.. what bills?

The second was a woman from NY who was called the N word..

by her manager..

and was awarded $280,000
Can you imagine?... [click]

Interesting case.. but sad.

Enjoy the day before the weekend :)


  1. I hate the N word, but it cuts through me worse when a non-black person says it. I don't understand why anyone would use it. Really strange story.

    1. It that debate on who can say what and in what context.. given its colloquial use in some rap tunes/comedy etc.
      As far as I can tell, he wasn't rapping.. or telling a joke.. and looks old enough not to have that as part of his vocab
      I don't like it. Its a loaded work with deep history. But ironically there is a show or two I like.. and it's 'all over it'

  2. I never understood in so many rap songs why the N word is acceptable. Or bitches etc. As much as I love 2Pac I often find it strange the way he adores woman and his mamma in certain songs and then in others calls women bitches and hoes.

    1. LL .. I don't get it either.
      But I have had it explained to me. A few versions.. I was told the context has changed, the word has been redefined and now means something else.
      But it depends who says it, as It could mean what it was once intended to mean. So it's a very grey area, and rocky ground. However, in 'real time'.. there would be no mistaking which is which

      It does seem more prevalent in American rap. less so here..which kinda makes sense.
      I do think calling women bitches and hoes is completely derogatory. Yet I'm sure these rappers love their mammas no doubt.In the main I think some will say whatever's popular or expected, and give it very little thought

    2. Yeah it's interesting, you are right that the British Grime and rap scene don't use any of those words as much. Infact, generally they swear a bit less too.

      I did read an article about why 2Pac raps about hoes in some songs and not others and that's because he wasn't talking about all women he was talking about a type of woman. Still I don't find it acceptable. LL Cool J has said he refuses to use the word bitches in his songs. I have to admit I don't think I have heard him use it either.

      Hmm, the power of words... I'm not a fan of labels of any kind.

    3. I'm glad he cleared that up LL:). The power of words indeed. I forgot to mention that some women call themselves those names also.. I remember Joan Collins was known as the bitch wasn't she, and it was pretty clear that was a moniker for her, with no reflection on the rest of womankind necessarily. Rappers have their various styles I guess.. some hard core.. others not.
      I think about the time when the N word was commonplace, those who were called it would be at risk if they showed disdain, or complained. They had to put up, shut up, lose their life, or suffer terrible physical abuse. I suspect they recognized it for what it was. Strong people.
      A rapper on a track I cannot compare

  3. It is a word that should never be used in any context. Ever.

  4. I hear you Birdie. It will always be contentious that's for sure.
    I don't like it, yet I only really hear it in films or music ( often context specific) so you'll hear it watching a documentary on segregation or Jim crow laws for example. But I'm aware that words are often easier to erase.. than attitudes.
    An interesting story, but he had to lose the case