Thursday, 17 January 2013

A friend of mine once said...

That I like arrogant men.

No I most certainly do not!!
Still... I thought I’d give it some thought, have fun with this.. and look at a few of the the things I do like..

Spiritually aware or conscious
Socially aware, or at the very least.. interested
A sense of purpose
Emotionally open with the ability to express
A good listener who is thoughtful and kind...
Funny, and fun to be with
An open and loving heart, one not battered or embittered
A willingness to be a better man... or at least keep growing
The ability to say sorry if required
Dependable or reliable
Kind. Not only to me but to others also

Nope... I can’t see arrogant anywhere on this list..

* But I do reserve the right to amend this list any time I like:)

what are some of the things you like?..


  1. ;) I don't know do you? Its certainly not a sin to like high minded men, prone to arrogance in their pursuit of ideals and nobility (same thing? had to google that lol!). Do you have patience for the simple minded?

  2. Hey I figured if a guys intelligent I wont have to be!! .. lol:).. lord have mercy it certainly helps if somebody has has somethin' goin' on in that department

    Hmmm.. let me see.. simple can have it's charm. A pure uncluttered and easy mind. Please note though Chrome.. Intelligence is not a stand alone feature (and I didn't define it:)..
    Smart but unpleasant doesn't do it for me.

  3. definitely not "simpleton" simple. I don't know, maybe rough around (or lacks) the intellectual/idealistic edges. Would you get bored and irritated?

    Agreed simple can be have it's charm. it's funny some people label smart but unpleasant as a sure sign of arrogance. kinda like arrogance can only be exhibited this way, a character trait with no redeeming features

  4. ummm.. I dunno.. my brain hurts :-)

    Arrogance isn't always unpleasant, it can be funny and charming too, which may be why my friend said what she said. But perhaps it's not the 'arrogance' per se.. but the intent. Arrogance in its more negative sense can often be used as a cover for deep seated insecurities.. harmful at best.. at worst.. lord knows.
    Don't get me wrong. I can be stuck up and arrogant too.. but it's not an overriding feature and doesn't define me. Not my cutest 'quality' I'm sure.. Still.. I see it for what it is and don't take it seriously.. it aint serious.. promise .. :-).. errr unless I say so.

  5. ...descriptors Reggie..
    Of things I find appealing.
    How to elucidate a way of being.. not as easy at times as say, a bus, house, car, job , man, woman, child, wages, dog, cat,table, foot, hand, eyes, tall, short, etc... but possible nonetheless
    we socially construct our worlds..

    the current list stays...or giant label as you may say Reggie :)..
    For how long?.. time will tell