Saturday, 26 January 2013

Brown skin..

When two people fall in love they tend to notice everything about the other person. The colour of their eyes, hair, shape of their face, the way the person moves, tone of voice. Little things matter as sense are heightened.
You love everything thing about them.. right?

Then why is it that in some 'mixed relationships', people say things like..I don't see colour?... ( whilst wearing perfectly colour coordinated clothing)
That's a little like saying, I don't see gender, or I don't see all the things that attracted me to you in the first place.
Is it paranoia?.. denial?.. or perhaps some kind of un-addressed underlying issue with regards to 'race and racism'.
Is it the equivalent of saying I'm not racist?.
Isn't it more 'racist' to attempt to wipe out, or erase visual ethnic difference?

At best it's a silly statement, at worst perhaps a little offensive.

There's nothing wrong in seeing what is clearly there to see
It's the meaning that you infer to what you see.. that may or may not be questionable

They say love is blind.. is it?

Love isn't colour-blind..but it can get to the heart of the matter.. it is the heart of the matter
Difference is okay.. it's okay to notice difference

Then again love of itself is a state of being..
it's we who give meaning to it


  1. I suppose its probably a defensive stance against a society that doesn't comfortably accept difference. still, can be condescending in a some of my friends are black kinda way

  2. Be courageous in love no?..
    where's that old romantic.. us against the world stance?...
    love who you love.. the world can take care of itself.
    if... it is love.
    if it isn't?.. well.. let's face it.. earth still turns

    That phrase is annoying.. adapted nowadays into.. oh my grannies boyfriend is black or some such.
    I get what they're saying but it can be superficial as you know