Monday, 28 January 2013

Maybe tomorrow..

Long day. finally home now, so time for dinner. ( don't like eating late but that's my fault, I should have taken it with me)
You know.. the more I read.. the more I learn.. the more I realise I didn't know.. or don't know.
Some may say that's a good thing.. that's the whole point of learning, well yes.. I guess.
Its exciting and challenging at the same time.

I realise, just how much of my knowledge I've got from what others have said.
in whatever format that may be.

I'm sitting here now digesting tonight's lecture.
I've got the energy for more.. but I know I also need to get some rest to be honest.
I realise the way some of my thoughts have been shaped many years ago.. and how many of them have gone unchallenged.. until now.

Looking at things more objectively, whilst never truly ever being able to remain totally objective is revealing.
Putting aside pre conceived ideas and really relying on my own 'gut' intuition' and critical thinking is becoming more and more rewarding. a little like recreating the self, and then standing up and saying.. this is me, without fear or apology.
Some may find it boring but..well.. I like it anyway.

Doing the things that you enjoy.. pursing the things that interests you is definitely worth it's weight in gold.
Pushing beyond the boundaries a little.. or a lot, can help us discover the best of who we are .. I think


Is it possible to eat dinner in under 5mins??.. yes!!.. I just did:)
Now.. time for something sweet

Just watching news-night.. Ti says one of the guys in the discussion looks like he's been resurrected from some tomb!.. plonker.. Somali guy..fully robed and wrapped in white..
"looks like a don!".. Ti reckons...
I have to agree.
Oh he's a sociologist and writer .. Dr something.
Interesting talk but I'm a little late

Out and about today I had one lady offer me a history of Haile Selassie. Her grandfather was Jewish Ethiopian.. who could apparently read a text in the Torah that no 'European orthodox Jew' can translate..she said he was a very popular man.. I then got a abridged version of the history of black Jews..
"Google it!" she said
"okay".. I said...my favourite overused word.
I haven't had time today... maybe tomorrow
Later this afternoon.. a pastor.. offered me a few texts to read.. he did make me laugh..I was sure he was south African.. but it turned out he was Nigerian.
Clearly I'm not great at accents

I made him laugh. he asked if I'd ever been married.. "not legally!!".. I said.. he thought it was hilarious I'd be so open with him.
Why not I say. It's all good. That was then.. that's history.

One text/s was Corinthians 12-19 .. about gifts etc.. he then told me to look up a particular psalm ( cant remember which, but it was about the words of mouth and the meditations of thine heart etc) .. I found it and read it..
"oh I can see you know your bible!".. he said
I used to sir.. I used to..
He then told me that by the end of the year I will have decided on two things. Firstly..which church to go to.. and secondly.. who to take for a husband..
Ok sir.. you da boss... :)

He then seemed to go deep into thought.. I made a nice exit :)


  1. lol! your boy is one funny guy. wizened gaunt look ey? tell him its a sign of bare wisdom

    c'mon then! I'm waiting for your Jewish Ethiopian summary. I remember watching a documentary on migrant Ethiopian Jews to Israel and one of the commentators remarked how pure their religious text was. Didn't even know at the time there were black Jewish people.

    :) which church to go .. husband to marry .. hmm, see this girl, please abeg o! don't let The Most Reverend Prayer Warrior Louis Oladapo Jnr. of the "Ascension Church of the Holy Anointed spirit of Jesus Christ Our Saviour" corner you! next he will be claiming he's bound and scattered evil spirits troubling you while dreaming you won the lottery. of course, all for 10% of your salary in cash, monthly cheque, direct debit or standing order. we also take paypal, worldpay, pardner, credit card and banker's draft. call the 0845 number on your screen or leaflet today

  2. You crazy. you take him seriously?
    Still.. nowt wrong with choosing a husband.. and I don't need anyone to do that for me:)
    Church?.. I can hold my own
    Bless him. he was sweet. Not creepy at all.
    Think he more saw me as a daughter
    Yes the Ethiopian Jews..will check out further time permitting