Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Ghost Towns?

High St business rents at £52,000 a year?
A small shop on Bond St.. rent at £350,000 per year?
How are business’s managing to stay afloat?.

More and more people shop online.. Blockbusters felt it..
Shame about Comet, I used to enjoy browsing.. and the odd purchase.
What will the high street look like if more stores close.
Like a ghost town.. one huge Tescos.. or the like? ( not picking on Tescos or anything?
Hey.. remember this?

lol.. my misspent youth..?


  1. dread a world full of Tescos. man! feel u on comet, quited liked it. i still miss woolworths and its scatty character. remember Buyrites? or was it called Mr. Buyrite? memory fails

  2. I think it was Buyrite.. was it Mr Buyrite lol.. my memory's just as bad.. I bet im making stuff up..
    Woolies!.. great store.
    The back to school range.. toys , games pots, pans.. every bloomin thing.
    The last day of my local Woolies I bought a BIG Pingu as a keepsake :)