Monday, 28 January 2013

He's playing cupid..

Guy was so sweet today.
'She’s a great girl' he says.. and I know for sure she’s really looking for a relationship now... yeah..she’s lovely..etc .. and so it went on

This guy was so excited to be setting up two of his friends it was the sweetest thing to watch
He had clearly observed that they were both in a similar situation, shared the same or similar world view, would make a nice couple and was happy to facilitate.
His enthusiasm was refreshing. This was a grown up adult male (not some little youngster) who clearly hadn't lost his zest for life.
He wants his friends to be happy, it made his day (he said so himself)

Good for him.. hope it works out

That’s how it should be I reckon

oh I was just an observer.. he wasn't talking about me :~)
found it rather charming though


  1. that's really nice. some people are over cautious when it comes to introductions. but hey, one life to live