Saturday, 26 January 2013

Things not to do before bed..

Eat cheese they say..
Have a row.. others say
Another thing may be..
don't watch Trevor McDonald's inside death row series on YouTube... which I did last night.

Not the easiest sleep..

Things to do?
anything that feels good, smells good, and gives a sense of calm.. (not drugs or alcohol)
Read something perhaps?.. ( non scary)
nice music
maybe just enjoy the silence.. or the dimly lit.. or darkness of the room

The list may be endless
but try make it nice

(I bet you bloomin well watch it..)


  1. watchathunk? ofcourse, i'm on youtube as i type. good night lady d, have beautiful dreams

  2. will do
    ..hope you do too boyo :)
    maybe try watch a comedy after :o