Thursday, 24 January 2013

It's good to talk

Equally it's great to listen

Attended an interesting seminar on women in conflict zones, and later a lively debate on whether capitalism has been good for Africa
lots of food for thought.
It was a great night.. I'm glad I went along.

It's good to talk as it prevents too much navel gazing..
To be open to others views can aid you own understanding is my feeling, plus.. it's fun
People can be very interesting indeed

Speaking of which..

Waiting outside a chicken shop, a woman and her friend complained about the high prices of the shop.. pointing at the poster in the window...

"Look at that... what a bloody rip off" she said ( in a lovely Irish accent)
99p for 4 spicy chicken wings!!"
"come.. mek we go" her mate said.. " lets look elsewhere!!"
WHERE?!?...at 99p, please tell me where in blazes they'e gonna find cheaper than that??lol..
At the price I'd be asking if it was actually chicken!!
Made me smile though

why do people love chicken so much...

Anyway.. theses are old but still quite interesting and relevant..
Took a look at some earlier


  1. lol, bare jokes :)) what you reckon? pidgeon wings? if u dont dig too much it all tastes like chicken. trafalgar square pidgeons run!

    milton friedman .. antichrist

  2. They looked very small in the picture... is all I'm saying lol
    M.F.. hasn't realised how influential he was
    Must have been distrated