Sunday, 27 January 2013

It's not 'benefits'.. it's welfare.. not economic.. but moral

Discussion on welfare cuts, poverty in the UK etc, are quite depressing.
It's become a moral argument, over an economic one. ( morality..the preferred vehicle of distraction)

Politicians leaning to the 'right often argue that it's immoral for people who can work to choose not too, then claim 'benefits'(?!?). those leaning more to the 'left' often argue that if there are no jobs available then it's immoral to penalise and demonise people who need the help the most.

Its quite sad, the smug attitudes of policy makers, far removed from the reality of the lives of many, to continue to pursue policies, that are immoral.
We brag about how democratic we are as a nation, free..multicultural, accepting..
The wonders of the 'free market'.. education.. health
yet we can't get this shit right

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