Thursday, 17 January 2013

If I wanted to.. I could.

Sometimes it's best to hold your tongue.
As you know if you didn't, you could crush a person quite easily.
Like you'd squash a greenfly.. by mistake.
It's way too easy... (I remind myself of this)

We have a choice to elevate.. or not
Mind , body and soul ...(I remind myself of this also)

As you get older.. you put away childish things

As you mature.. it's not just words on page, it comes from the heart and soul, and is observable by behaviour.
Everything changes.
One would struggle to act in bizarre ways (unless bipolar..perhaps) and think it's okay. You would constantly check yourself.

We are all raised differently.
and how we are raised may significantly impact on our ability to see ourselves as others do. Impact on the way we are. Whether we are grasping jealous pretentious spiteful and insecure... or not.
Yet upbringing alone is not all
As we age we can make choices
root out that which is unappealing, and fix it.

Look deeper.
Easier by choice.. harder by force.
Yes sometimes it's best to hold ones tongue. The truth will always be the truth, fight it or not...
and that's what scary.

never hate what you don't understand, envy what you can't be ( find or explore and develop your uniqueness) Don't deny your own failings.
As like it or not.. it'll be plain for all to see.

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