Friday, 25 January 2013

Mums must get tired.. why don't they say?

I was just thinking.. I don't think I've ever heard my mum actually say she's tired.. or even say something as simple as .. I'm going to bed.

When I think about it.. I've only head her say something along the lines of..she's going up Montego Hill.. huh??..where's that then?
My mum's of the can't complain generation..
Me?.. I complain all the bloomin' time :)
Must try harder

Parents can be funny
Still...lack of sleep can make you feel grumpy it's said so....


  1. You described my mother strong as an ox yet no sleep is her nemesis but that Nytol is something else. A Tranquilizer and a half nips that insomnia right out.

  2. Amazing aren't they?.. Warrioress's
    They've earned a break now though :)
    Tranquillizers??.. that's scary!

  3. mothers are the best. my mum was also smarter than the rest of the household, always went to bed at 10 pm

  4. Good on your mum Chrome..
    May take a leaf as time goes on