Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Dawna's song of the day - The Script

Love this song.. it's so sweet:)


  1. white boy emo soul. yeah man, feeling it

  2. you're funny today Mr C
    What do people call reggae I wonder... blackman babylon bashing beats??.. :)
    Tell you what.. if I have a row with a guy over something.. 'which would undoubtedly be his fault'.. and he played this to me.. I may just forgive him :))
    Great tune

    If I had a bar, I'd play the best of everything, the best of food the best of music. call it the Good Music Bar..
    Everyone would be welcome, it wouldn't be a black bar, white bar, Chinese bar or any of that.. in fact.. could call it the Unity Bar. Have Unity Bars all over the world.. (not sure about Dubai) share the track lists among them. Show the 'united nations' a thing or two. Have a top chef from each part of the globe if you like. No VIP area.. the whole place would be a VIP area. celebs, influential people from whatever their specialism can come mix and blend with those who have little to say. Nicely cushioned seating areas.. a stage for PA's if bands want to promote their work. But the main thing will be the music, and the food... oh.. and the lighting, don't forget that romantic glow :)). Yes Mr C, get your piggy bank out..
    You deal with Lagos...

  3. Or I may just leave him there... :))

  4. yeah man! the lagos branch! i'll work for you anytime, know u'd be a great boss. pay rise every quarter? done deal!