Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Original thought

Tell me.. Is there such a thing as an original thought?
Okay.. think of something ... now Google it.
See what happens.

In truth, there may be... but it’s pretty rare I reckon
It's possible that what may be original is the experience of that thought. Even that is debatable.
Pretty much whatever you think or feel.. someone somewhere has either been there and done that.. or is experiencing ‘it’ at exactly the same time.
Humbling huh

That said, quite often It’s not the message.. but the messenger
The creative nature of the messenger, their organic artistry, their honesty and integrity
So sometimes yeah.. you do meet people who just come across so original
even if the only think they're telling you is how to make pancakes.

Still.. the quest for original thought goes on.. after all.. what did we do before Google.. (how strange is that)and that began with a thought..

Different, can be nice, nothing to fret about at all.

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