Saturday, 5 January 2013

Was never a 'lovers rock' kinda girl

My previous post may have given the impression I'm not keen on lovers rock.
But...anyone who reads my blog often should know by now that my taste does vary abit.
For the record.. I do like it.
I'm not big on lovers rock.. but I'm not small on it either.. it is what it is.

The 'thing' with lovers rock for me was less about the music...actually, it had very little to do with the music, in fact.. nothing, but rather what seemed to 'surround' it. At it's previous heights, what seemed to develop was a particular way of being.. an emptiness.. which at the time, bored me senseless.
Ladies with perms of one kind or another, men with little more to say than the ladies.. it was a little twee for me.

As I've mentioned, the music was fine.. but for some reason it seemed to zap the fire from the people who listened to it.
As though a part of them was awol..

A very 'permanent middled aged way of being'
I can dip in, and dip out.

I was never gonna be that girl

Yet to be fair, and on observation, every genre of music seems to impact on us as listeners in quite profound ways. Whether it's how we dress, speak, think, or behave.
Whether that music is reggae, classical, rock, indie, whatever....
Because music.... has great (metaphysical) power and influence

It's power and influence can often go unnoticed to it's listener.
Ever wonder why you feel angry or just plain pissed off in the car?
Check what you're listening to.
Turn that shit off.
Chances are the bpm is off the chain and your heart is racing faster than a fox in the country on hunt day.


A J.K classic.
I need to go paint my nails :)


  1. Music should be deemed a medicinal product for it does have exceptional healing powers. Although as a driver I totally hear and agree the type of music one listens to whilst driving can sometimes determine their mood too.

    For observation purposes I wonder if anyone has ever conducted a survey into the percentage of road rage offenders and what they may have been listening to at the onset of anger!

  2. That would be an interesting survey.. could either prove or disprove my theory. Could be helpful for drivers to consider.

    I used to love Beres Hammond and Craig David.. although can make one feel over confident and over safe perhaps.. me anyway

  3. I kinda get where you are coming from. Had that feeling from UK Garage/Soulful House, that vacuous in-crowd "model and pose" nonsense, made me stop going to the raves. Give me a gritty conscious reggae shebeen any day