Sunday, 14 July 2013

2 versions of me

Two days of scorching heat, and I'm just winding down now before the week ahead.
Its been really nice out in the sun.. personally, I didn't do too much, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
I'm trying not to be too selfish with my time, share a little more of it with others, but it can be difficult, as I enjoy my own company at times... and sometimes it really is necessary.

I guess there are two versions of me.

There's the sociable version, very family oriented, who loves family, and would really like more family time and togetherness... yet there's also the version of me that almost lives life in the abstract.
I enjoy watching, observing, looking at life from a distance.. being objective ( as much as possible) creating stories in my mind, wondering, thinking, solving, seeing the way people move, talk, interact, create their own realities.

Being up close an personal can render objectivity difficult, but not impossible
The view from the bridge.. can be far more interesting .

I guess that version of me can appear distant.. aloof even, yet I'm somehow still present.. more, I suspect, than it may appear.

Interesting guy I met a few months back. Interesting in that I don't think I've met anyone quite like it (I have really but you know what I mean).. for example.. If I had an issue with the colour blue.. this man is blue (blue man group blue).. and I guarantee that if he had an issue with the colour red.... I am red.. (Scarlett O'hara red) yet still, here we are..strange.
There has got to be a lesson somewhere.
Watching him from the 'bridge' is funny, he cannot work me out.. yes..I can confidently say that I have a feeling he finds me odd.

I know I cannot run forever.. but there's mileage in these legs yet.. and I intend to use every ounce.

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