Saturday, 20 July 2013

Just deserts

'That which is deserved' is one definition

Do people always get their just deserts?
Sometimes yes.. sometimes no..

Sometimes we, I, thank god that is not the case
Other times divine intervention is hoped for.
The term is usually used to denote a sense of karmic payback for something bad or unpleasant a person may have done
Perhaps continuous mean spirited thoughts ( although when un-actioned upon are less harmful than when actioned - but beware a continuous thought can eventually manifest)

Un-favourable just deserts...the kind of which is easier to spot in others..

A lesson perhaps, to make changes.. to banish manipulative or spiteful behaviours.. to try not to malfunction too much.. curb certain ways, attempt to be more empathetic ( to try to remember to do or say onto others, as you would like them to do, or say.. onto you)
You cannot change others ( and in some cases how they choose to receive you) but you can cease to let them have a negative effect on you, or at the very least.. practice damage limitation. Others change when they want to - 'we'.. (you and I) change when we must - when we can - when we realise it's in our power and best interest to do so.

Sounds easy, but I know it is not

Question - does change become harder, the older we get?
Perhaps that's another blogpost - set in our ways

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