Monday, 15 July 2013

Driving Miss Daisy

Who, or what, is in the driving seat of your life?.
I recognize that it can be difficult at times for many to be their authentic self.. the difficulty being perhaps.. that as people, we have yet to uncover who, or what that 'authentic self' is..
In truth it can take a fair amount of work and reflection.

Perhaps a barrier to authenticity is the fear of questioning what we have been conditioned to think, or who we've been told we are. Maybe we know, but just don't like what we know of ourselves ( that can be the case also)

It's natural to feel good when we do something that others approve of.. yet if others do not approve of us what then?.. logic says we then feel bad.
If that be the case it can be exhausting.. to seek , or desire the approval of others.. and logic would again imply that it is others.. and not us.. who are in the driving seat.

Yet it's rarely that simple.
The desire to please others is ingrained.. established early.. in our childhood years perhaps. Some may say the desire to please others is inherently selfish.. with the sole pursuit of selfish gratification or potential reward. I think, in the positive sense, it encourages a sense of unification and solidarity, necessary for healthy human relations.

Yet you cannot please everyone.. be okay with that

The gift of acceptance is a great gift to give.. not only to yourself but to others. It's a challenge.. as we are human.
But to 'be in the driving seat of your own life'. I suspect is what most people aspire to.
Get in gear

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