Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Can love exist without attachment?

Love and attachment can be very different
There exists a similarity of the outward expressions in both scenarios
But deep inside is where they tend to differ
Attachment can lead to obsession, which is far from love, and can be unhealthy.
remembering it's a thin line..

That's what I currently think..
But thinking isn't knowing (that I know)

Attachments however, are an inevitable part of life.. and there's 'nowt' wrong with that. Attachment 'forces' us to care for others.. stops us from being too self centered, and basically connects us to the point where we feel the unhappiness of 'others'.. or whosoever, we feel most connected to.. we feel their pain..as if it were our own

Doesn't sound great I know.. but it happens. If you're a parent for example.. think of your children.. how you feel if they feel down, sad, or unhappy in anyway.. then compare that to when they are happy and bouyant..and how wonderful that feels
Attachment, in the more positive sense..is simply feeling. or being...connected
...and that's okay.

So.. if attachment in it's positive sense is simply being connected...then the answer to that question is?.....

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