Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Mr Mumbles

I'm gonna rename one of my brothers Mr Mumbles.. why? because quite frankly.. I can barely understand a f****** word he says..

Think i'll introduce the new moniker to my mum.. see if she knows who i'm talking about.. my guess is.. she'll know immediately

I want to ask him what he has against words.. perhaps he just can't be arsed anymore.. maybe he loves them way too much to waste them on silly sisters like me.. who knows.. but if that were the case,.. how is it that he rarely shuts up!!
He's so funny sometimes.. what's evern funnier is the way I end up reacting to him

He'll be mumblin'.. and i'd be wonderin'... what the f***

We grew up in the same home, same parents, same primary schools, played on the same London streets, but yet.. he went through a phase of sounding more Jamaican than Oliver Samuels..

Now?.. it's just London mumbles..

Worse yet.. that stuff is contagious..

disclaimer.. I love my brothers to bits.Y'all know that anyway. Kindest fellow you're likely to meet.. on a good day.. and funny as heck.. again.. on a good day

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