Sunday, 28 July 2013

My Bloggers Sunday

I enjoy reading Blogs, so it's a shame when people delete them.

I guess they delete them for various reasons, boredom, loss of motivation,loss of focus, not enough time... or perhaps forgetting why they began blogging in the first place. I enjoy reading Blogs, more so than newspapers (which I only do online now) as I find them more personal, direct, (sometimes) honest,informative, and the diversity of thought can be outstanding.

In truth, I don't check out as many Blogs as I'd like to. So I've decided to rectify that. I'm hoping I guess, to hear and learn more about people from around the world... countries that interest me, such as Zimbabwe, the Congo, and other Africa countries... hear a new perspective... feel inspired... laugh... learn something new... or even tick me off.

After studying war conflict and development last term, I became even more enthused in the subject matter. So will look into that more.

I also know that right here in the UK, there are some amazing people, writing from the heart, that I haven't yet stumbled across...I'm looking.

So... It's a Bloggers Sunday for me.
It’s a beautiful day... and cool in the shade.

An interesting debate on TV earlier reminded me that I need to read A Clash of Civilizations. I’ve read excerpts, and will try and pick it up from the library.

For some of us, Blogging is the only 'voice' we have left, in a democracy that's not a democracy.. but still a democracy.


  1. Enjoy your blogging Sunday.

  2. Thanks Reggie - enjoy your day also

  3. Delighted that you made my blog a stop along your way. And now I have someone new (you) to visit as well. Thanks :)

  4. Your Blog is lovely Pauline.. glad I came across it!.. Love the pictures of you cottage garden.. hope my own (urban garden)may look at nice someday :)