Sunday, 21 July 2013

Above the law - S.A

Weapons and un-disciplined testosterone..
Not a good mix at all.
Violence - the not so hidden legacy of years of Apartheid, and unbridled brutality.

Some may say - 'well..you can't blame apartheid now..these are now black officers involved in this behaviour' Yes it is. Perhaps, when you believe that life is of little value, or that dark skin equals less than..those poorer deserve little respect, perhaps if you obtain symbols of power, and become power crazed after years of not having any, it can be a dangerous mix.
It's complicated
*On another related note...decent homes for all.. please.. I'm convinced it can be done. Not just in S.A, but all over the world. Make your country a slum free zone... try*

Two films examining race and class
Worth listening carefully to this - interesting documentary

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