Sunday, 28 July 2013

Who knows you best?

I had a lazy day today.
Aside from the usual cooking, washing, watering plants ( which I must do again in a moment) it's been a day to catch up on a little news, check out a few Blogs, a little reading, and a little TV.

It's fair to say..not much in the way of excursion.

Watching Mr & Mrs...it's funny to see how the couples often resemble each other
It makes sense, yet I know many couples who look nothing like each other, but in those cases, I've found something in their personalities, that have been quite similar.

I think it's great when someone really knows you, gets you, and understands your quirks
How long did it take for your other half to really know you?
For some.. it can take years.. and the joy is in the discovery

For tonight's bedtime read I think I'll begin to tackle Soul on Ice.. it's been staring at me, and I need to take it back soon..


  1. Good morning,
    I'd say my friend in Algeria knows me even more than my best friend, only because I hear from him more often.

    I lik ethis blog entry. I've never heard of that book. I have some books staring at me as well. I almost bought another book over the weekend. I have a bad habit of getting excited about abook and then giving up after the 2nd chapter.

  2. Hi Alieux
    I think my family know (aspects) of me very well.. perhaps even more than I realise. I think it can be those we talk to the most that we become close to.

    Are you reading anything now?
    My bad habit is getting excited about 5 books at a time, then stressing that I haven't finished them all
    Thanks for the follow.. nice to hear from you