Saturday, 20 July 2013

Self-limiting beliefs..

Can be hard to identify.
They seem to exist in the subconscious, but can play out in our lives in some way
That's when it can be really helpful to get constructive feedback.. easier when it comes from someone you trust and admire, yet even if that's not the case, it may be useful to listen to the feedback anyway, eliminating what may be a deliberate attempt to simply hurt your feelings, and assessing if there is any truth in what you’re told.
Sometimes there is, sometimes there isn't

I remember last year writing a list of what I consider to be my positive and negative traits. In fact... I did it a few times

For me at the time, it was simply an exercise in establishing how well I knew myself, and was willing to accept both sides of the coin. It was easy to do, and I filled the page.

Less easy, was working out my own self-limiting beliefs. The reason I wanted to identify and deal with them, is because I was feeling increasingly frustrated about a variety of things, many of which I felt I had little control over. Now, if something crops up, I try to deal with it at the time... not the situation necessarily... but my emotional response to it, as dealing with me, can sometimes be easier than dealing with the situation, and its my hope that by dealing with me, the answer to how to deal with a situation may become clearer. Perhaps not immediately, but at some point.
It's work in progress.

A self-limiting belief can be anything from... 'I’m not good at maths'... to 'I can’t cook'
I don’t think it’s useful to share what you consider to be a self-limiting belief with just anybody, lest they use it against you... but that... may simply be another type of limiting belief.

I've found that kindred spirits however, tend to be willing and able to share their limiting beliefs freely with each other, without fear of judgment or ridicule. Those souls tend to assist each other in many ways in overcoming and banishing those beliefs that may not be serving them well.

Seems they do so, because they care, and genuinely want the best for that person... yet its not only kindred spirits that can help you with that... in fact... it can be someone you have little or not real connection to whatsoever.
Someone you don't even like
Lessons can emerge from anywhere.

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