Saturday, 27 July 2013

Wacky dreams..

Dreams can be funny things.
A friend of mine said that our dreams speak to us, that is..if we learn how to interpret them, that answers can be found, to puzzling questions.

Often I suspect this is the case.
Our subconscious comes to the fore during our 'sleeping state' and suppressed feelings emerge.
Sometimes we forget our dreams, other times, we remember them clearly.
Rarely(I think) do we act on them.. they can be difficult to interpret.

I've had a few strange dreams lately. At this moment I can't quite remember them fully, but what stuck in my mind about a recent dream was a guy with his legs wide open.. with smelly feet.
I was trying to mend a hole in his pants or something... something also about his smelly feet.. contemplating how best to sort out the smell

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