Monday, 8 July 2013

Rick Stein in India

I've been watching Rick Stein's India on Monday nights. Caught it by accident last week and find it really interesting. I have a thing about Indian food, in that I love it. It looks and tastes great to me, and I feel a sense of familiarity with (some of) the spices.

Tonight featured a dish with Paneer cheese that looked delicious. (must find that cheese and try it)

He spoke about the Sikh belief system a little tonight.. five vices? Lust , Anger, Greed, Attachment , and Ego.
Our purpose in life... being to become one with god, as a drop of water becomes one with the ocean - sweet
I like that.. I agree.
Yes.. our souls purpose is to be reconnect with that which we call god. Atheists may not agree.. but that's okay.

India is an interesting place, yet what I love about the show is that food, is so important in building and strengthening community, family.. keeping alive traditions, and history.
I spoke about food earlier today actually. The concept of 'soul food'.. and the way that cooking and food is central in many cultures to bonding, overcoming differences.. and is often used as an expression of love.
Food and music.. never underestimate the power of either.
We get together over food

The other thing Ti and I noticed this evening was the size of the pots.. they are quite often, absolutely HUGE.
GREAT BIG POTS, it's hard not to feel a sense of excitement with a pots that size..

The mutton curry in tonight's show is actually what we refer to as curry goat..
We borrow from each other

Take a look..

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