Saturday, 6 July 2013

Who's spying on whom?

Who are they?
Well.. if we knew that, then they wouldn't be doing a very good job.. would they?.
Agents tend not to come right out and say.. 'Hey!!.. i'm an agent!!'. 'I'm undercover'.. or worst yet.. 'Hey..I wouldn't trust me with a barge pole!!'.

I think if we knew, who 'they' were, we'd be surprised. Surprised to see that they're not walking around in dark shades, trench coat, with some old dodgy briefcase in tow.

No.. I suspect they would more than likely look and speak.. just like you or me.. like your mate down the road, your lover, a person you feel you can trust, or may feel.. has your back.

So... that being said, the BBC commissioned a poll with regards to trust in policing, after claims made by a whistle-blower, that the Lawrence family and associates, were being spied on, with the intention of finding out as much or as little dirt as possible. To what ends?..
I guess.. to subvert the case and turn victims into villains.

The BBC poll however, states that 38% of BME's polled think that the Met is still institutionally racist. It is possible to focus on that.. but what about the remaining 62% who do not?.. or failed to respond?

38% is quite low.. considering that I doubt many BME's would have been that surprised by the whistle-blowers claims anyway.
Maybe.. it's a case of 38% trust the Met even less than they did before.. who knows?.. polls can be manipulated depending on the story you want to tell. The poll does state that 85% claimed to trust the Met overall. ( which tells a more positive story)

If a poll was conducted that asked the question.. do you trust your friends.. your lover.. or people in general?.. many people may actually say .. errr.. no.. they don't. not fully anyway..just don't tell 'em I said so.. ( so it's not just a policing issue)
The issue... is ( drum-roll please) trust in general.

What is this thing we call trust?.. and is it more important than that which we call love?
We live in a society where trust is rare.. hard to form, and easily broken.
Whether it's trust in the Met (police), trust in mates, or folk in general.. it can be rocky ground..

Right now the American political and ruling classes are fuming, that a guy they once trusted has apparently breached the golden rule.. 'keep your mouth shut'.

Out came the revelation that 'regular' folk are being spied on at a rate which suggests and almost bizzare obsession with OPB. ( other people's business)
Some would argue it's necessary.. it's about 'national security'..
Ultimately.. it really is, a lack of trust.. on a global scale.

Well my dears..what a thing.. when all out there is a suspect. But trust me when I say..
I am not an Agent.

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