Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Space to think

It's better when it's calm
I can think clearly
I can allow myself to be indecisive
No pressure.. to know the unknowable
Often.. time is all you need
There are times when I feel that rushing takes away from each moment - each moment you never get back
Every moment is unique
Even if you think you've been there before.. something... something.. is slightly different.

Having said that, I can be extremely decisive. There are times when if it's to be done, i'd rather get it done.. as procrastination can be the delay of the inevitable.

The difference between being decisive, and rushing may seem minuscule.. but there is a difference

I thought about this today as I pondered on perfectionism, and how it can be a blessing and a curse.
The desire for perfection can stop you in your tracks.. for fear of making a mistake.. or not meeting your uber high expectations..
Yet it can also inspire you to try your best.. to do your best.. expect the best.. give something your best shot

I've seen both sides.. and the latter, appears favourable

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