Thursday, 11 July 2013


A famous chef on the TV said to a woman 'on the breadline' that she can make a cabbage last 2 days. 2 days??..
Sheeet...I've made a cabbage that size last a week!...
It depends what you cook it with, and how you cook it, but yes.. a cabbage can stretch pretty far if needs be..

Imagination and food. Can be useful.. but there are times when you’re too darn tired for imagination, and it's at that point.. that crucial point... when you end up paying...more

So.. no time?.. to tired for imagination?..how about an Instant meal?

Personally speaking, I don't eat ready meals, as when I saw a dish come out of a microwave it didn't actually look like recognizable ( and tasty) food.. no... I’ve never quite felt the pull of a ready meal... not criticizing those who do, it just seems a little odd

However, ready meals are big business and many people do buy them... and those who do, may do so because they're quick...
Time is everything nowadays... people have busy lives... so busy that they don’t have as much time for things (like cooking) as they used to
Eating out is popular... and yes from time to time it can be fun, but a staple? I don’t think so
Having said that I’ve lost count of the number of little cafe's springing up all over town. and people are eating there... even on Sundays (Is the tradition of Sunday meals too old fashioned now?)
Maybe more and more adults are putting off marriage and families... so... they eat out? who knows...
Things have certainly changed

Anyway, what I wondered as I watched this show was when did people’s misery become entertainment?... then I realized, misery has been entertainment for 'eons'.. Jerry Springer... Kyle... prison shows... fat shows... skinny shows... you name it

Sometimes we learn from what we see... other times... you may prefer to avert your gaze... cover your ears... or better yet... say a prayer, and turn it off

During the war (yes I enjoy a bit of ole Del boy now and then) I digress...
During the war...people were given advice on how to eat well... apparently, when rationing was a necessity, the English diet was very well balanced.. war melancholic bullshit? Perhaps...

However... in a time when we're surrounded by so much abundance... extravagance.. Opulence...and over indulgence... simple things, for regular people... have seemingly become absolutely dire... not knowing what to do for the best... or what foods to eat...
What is the truth?..
I think some 'truths' are that, the cost of living is high... most people are trying their best... and the poor are being exploited... often blamed... but still provide a 'meal ticket' for the occasional entertainment of the better off's.

So.. What you having for dinner today?...
and ahem.. where's my invite??

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