Monday, 22 July 2013

Who do you admire most in the world?..

I admire lots of people.
In fact... I often seek out things to admire. People are interesting, and all possess a quality of some kind worthy of admiration, whether they realise it or not, choose to embrace it or not.

I admire my children. I think they're great. They are lovely people, they are very close, and each has admirable qualities, unique to them.
My daughter has grown into a better version of me. ( But not me) She's beautiful, independent, funny, strong balanced, caring, and happier at the moment than I’ve ever known her. She is doing what she is happy doing, and I'm happy with that. We get along much better now she's grown and no longer a teenager.
That's what every parent wants isn't it?.. to know that their children are safe and happy.

I have friends, or acquaintances that I admire. Often from a distance.
Sometimes I admire their wisdom, other times, their strength, other times, patience, or an ability to do something that I cannot.
I can appreciate our differences.

I admire my older siblings
I learnt a lot from them, watching them, hearing them talk about things...
Got on my nerves plenty too

Most of all however, the person I admire the most is... my mum.
I admire my mum, for the person she is. My mother has qualities that I find truly admirable. My mum wasn't a good mum... she was a great mum.
Still is.

Her commitment to us as children, for every Easter bonnet she ever made, meal she cooked, clothes she made,cakes she baked, standing in the snow watching cross country runs.. everything.
Her compassion has always stood out to me, from as far back as I can recall
For all of us.. and all she meets.
I watched her care for my dad, at the toughest of times, even when she was exhausted.
Watched her care for others, give to others, loyal and loving.
She says things at time classic to her generation.. her homeland

Watched her handle 'ladies' who perhaps hoped to prey on my dad, with grace and class...
I observed a lot. I could fill the page about my mum
One day I might, right now I’m tired... had a drink... and Tiras just threw a chip in my eye...!?
Now hes asking me questions about the Royals.. got me watching some monarchy show..

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