Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Summer evenings and Neo- families..

Summer time.. when body truly relaxes in the evenings. I actually had a good rest last night, I had been tense for a long time.
Said to Ti recently that i'd forgotten how to relax!..
Rewind.. and re-learn.
This song takes me back though.. nice..nice..nice
I do like the summer time.. even if I find myself falling asleep earlier than usual..


Do we need to improve our care of our elderly?

The news yesterday revealed that a revised Chinese law now apparently states that children must visit their elderly parents..take responsibility for their well-being.. their physical and spiritual needs, and failing that...face a fine, or time in jail.
I'm not only paraphrasing, but over-simplifying i'm sure.. but it's interesting that there should be a need for this law.
Families who no longer live(aren't able to live) in close proximity to each other, often find that time can go by quite quickly without physically seeing each other. The extended family, can become estranged in the blink of an eye, without even a cross word spoken.

Would a law like that work here? do we need it?.. hopefully not. Thankfully in the UK I think that we do have great agencies that offer services to the elderly, giving them the chance to learn new skills, make friends, join clubs, go on trips, gain advice on their health, and take it easy. Some may say.. 'but hey!!.. that is the role of a family!'.. but as you know,not everyone has a family, and in any case... families are changing.. they are evolving.. it's not just a matter of blood anymore ( if it ever was)..

For some.. their communities have become their family.

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