Monday, 22 July 2013

Royal baby news

It had slipped my mind.. but not now..
What will they name him?.. Henry perhaps?

It's all over the news right now...a 41 gun salute tomorrow..plus more

I thought they would have a girl but no.. A boy.. born to be King.

Happy parents.. congratulations to them. They do appear a lovely couple, certainly an attractive and happy pair,
Yes the birth of a child should be a happy occasion for any parent/s
Often it is.. yet sadly.. often it isn't

Made me think of those women out there with no-one by their side, for whatever reason.. no-one to celebrate with.. just them and their baby.. whose name few even care to know..
Not born to be King.. just born..
Who these children grow to be however, could change the world for the better, or not. They are born without fan-fair, they will make their way.

* I wonder if the cameramen camped outside the hospital were there for the birth of their own child/children (If they have them of course)*

It's good news, glad they are both well.
This will surely lift the mood of the nation. I was thinking..It's actually quite difficult not to form an attachment to the Monarchy, or at least have an interest, an opinion, or occasionally cast a glance.

Besides..a national feel good factor is always welcome

* Born Equal?*

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