Monday, 14 October 2013

A 4th Way

Perhaps as time goes by, we may need a new definition of wealth.. of riches
and an new definition of poverty
Ethical politics
A fourth way.. if you like

Proverbs~ 'Better is the poor man whose ways are upright, than the man of wealth whose ways are not straight'.

To be also rich in soul and spirit - rich in compassion to be rich in love, in addition to financial wealth.. is to be rich indeed

According to Milton Friedeman.. and many others, it can never be that way, (that 4th way).. as people will always seek to serve their self interest
Maybe he was.. and they are.. right
But... we're living that Free market dream now... right?


  1. we are living it, ruthlessly, according to doctrines of Friedeman and his Chicago school of economics. You only have to look at Osborne prancing round China to know monetarism has won. Everything and anything. But a fourth way is more in tune with man's natural state of being. There is no price on some things, despite the machinations of disaster capitalism and other politricks.

    still .. still the jury is out on the meek inheriting the earth.

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  3. it's a bit of a catch 22 isn't it. the UK needs the business and investments for jobs and growth.. but its unclear (to me) who will mainly benefit.. we all want the best deal.( every person and country ) Still , only last week or so i heard they were toughening up on immigration, now they say the plan to relax visa rules to make it easier for some.. Friedman was right about many things i reckon - but my hope is, as you said.. for us to be in tune with our natural state of being.. a more connected spiritual way of being that puts love and compassion at the heart. to try and find that balance. poorer counties need investment too, and fair trade, but its dog eat dog at the mo.
    'there is no price on some things' - true. things that, underneath it all.. we all hold dear