Sunday, 13 October 2013

We're an opinionated lot aren't we :)

I'm not often on Facebook, but this post caught my eye yesterday

The introduction was quite amusing, but I would imagine this is quite a common view.
In the film he says he is a racist, he may well be, but i'ts not clear in this video.
He does seem to lump quite a few points together, and makes ( as I do on my blog from time to time) HUGE sweeping statements.
Is everyone on a council estate on benefits?
Are they really all in bed?
Are they really predominantly British?
Is there really no reason why those 'sleepy heads'.. cannot get up and start a business?
..Why's he not at work? :)

He's appears pro immigration.. (which may only apply to some groups, and only if they own a business) and anti welfare

There's an old saying.. a hungry man is an angry man.. :)

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