Thursday, 10 October 2013

The dreams we have

Woke up with - If I was a carpenter - on mind
and the enjoyed a few other tracks by John Holt. John Holt was hugely popular with many in the generation before me, and then I guess many of my own ( in my home anyway)

I find him a real easy listen.

Had the strangest dream, but I'm glad to have got a decent rest
After I think it over for clarity .. I'll Google it.. check out the dream dictionary and see if any of it makes sense.
A slight queue for the bathroom means i'm watching a little breakfast TV. Just saw a discussion on immigration, where an MP stated that when most people think of immigration they immediately think of someone black , brown, or foreign looking

I would say there's truth to that
the immigration debate is a confused narrative. I'm not sure what the fuss is about, or why the powers that be seem to find it difficult to have a clear point.
If... as it's suggested.. tough on immigration, is seen as a vote winner.. my questions are.. what year are we in?.. and who's votes will it win?
I have a feeling many people see me as an immigrant.. they ask me where i'm from a lot.
But then I am black brown and foreign looking :)
Question.. when does an immigrant stop being an immigrant?

I should be leaving now.. Grrrr i'm getting irritable. Perhaps I'll have another cup of tea
oh.. turns out that running bath is for me after all
Cold/flu be gone


  1. I think an immigrant stops being an immigrant when the want to . For instance I know many British people who have lived in Canada for years and years and still miss England and are not happy in Canada. In retrospect, I have a friend from Nigeria who has been in Canada for two years and calls Canada home.

    1. Feel free to take a look at this article on multiculturalism in Canada
      Interesting.. so is is when said immigrant feels content, accepted, and a valued member of the society they live in?. Would that require an accepting/welcoming/ attitude from the host country?.. Maybe the answer lies in sports.. perhaps football?..hmm. I think we need to win the World cup!

  2. This seems to be the new big question doesn't it? Where are you from? I know you mean it in a different way, which if I were you would find very insulting, but I find often now when I go to social gatherings people ask me where I'm from. I never quite understood what they meant actually, or why it matters, but I realised they were snobs asking which area of the UK I live in. Like is it posh or not.

    1. regional snobbery.. I forgot about that.
      class snobbery.. here to stay
      I'm used to being asked.Joe.. better than being blanked I guess.. It's a conversation at least - confirmation that I do in fact exist :)
      Maybe i'll spice it up with some alien abduction story .. explain the horns and tail :O
      No seriously.. i don't mind - as i then get to ask questions too