Thursday, 31 October 2013

Warm heart

It's cold out tonight.
This evening I walked past a woman wrapped up in what looked like a few blankets or sleeping bag..sitting huddled between two shops. Perhaps she would be gone by now.. moved on elsewhere.. maybe somewhere warmer.
As I walked past she said to me.. " Hiya babe.. have a nice evening.."
I said.. "You too!"
As soon as I said it.. I felt odd.. although it was an immediate and natural response, her situation made me wonder if what I said was inappropriate.. or just plain stupid.
I was surprised by her 'chirpyness'.. her friendliness.. we just so happen to lock eyes at the same time and smile.. she doesn't know me, but offered her kindness anyway.. with just a few words, that felt to me very sincere..genuine.
I guess we've come to recognize each others faces now..over time

It was nice, so much so that I thought of her again this evening. Wondered how she was.
Most people want and need kindness, a word or gesture, a look or thought. it doesn't cost a thing.. it's priceless.
She made me think anyway.. 'grounded me right up'

Kindness can choose it's own behaviour.. may even look so alien, that we cannot recognize it at first glance.
Perhaps we don't trust it
Like love


  1. You said the right thing, what else could you say really? I hope she's warm tonight.

  2. Most people would have ignored her and walked right on by. It all starts with a simple acknowledgment.... Yes, you are there and I see you. Isn't that what we all crave on the most basic level?

    Now that you have mentioned her I will think about her as well. And say a little prayer that she can find a warm place and get some food in her tummy.

  3. I agree. That you didn't ignore and spoke to her is good