Monday, 14 October 2013

London's Poverty Profile 2013

According to the New Policy Institute's latest London Poverty profile...

~In the three years to 2011–12 - 2.1 million people in London were in poverty. This 28%
poverty rate is seven percentage points higher than the rest of England.

~Incomes in London are more unequally spread than in any other region.
It contains 16% of the poorest decile of people nationally and 17% in the richest decile

~Now( 2012-13) 57% of adults and children in poverty are in working families.

~At 39%, the private rented sector now has a larger share of people
in poverty than either those in social rent or owner-occupation.

~In 2012 just under 600,000 jobs in London were paid below the London Living Wage
(£8.55 per hour). Over 40% of part-time jobs and 10% of full-time jobs are low paid.

~26% of London households received housing benefit in 2012, a higher proportion
and one that has grown faster than the average for England. Average housing benefit
values are also much higher in London at £134 per week compared to £92 per week
for England. As a result, changes to housing benefit will have had a wider and deeper
impact in London. High housing costs in London and national caps to benefit will make
large parts of London unaffordable to low-income households.

A Wiki definition of poverty
Absolute poverty is defined as the lack of sufficient resources with which to meet basic needs.
Relative poverty defines income or resources in relation to the average. It is concerned with the absence of the material needs to participate fully in accepted daily life.

Is it too simplistic to look at poor families for the solution if they are not the real cause?
Could some addictions and 'problems' within a family be a symptom.. of structural, social, or fiscal inequality .. ...partly misleading

This show wound me up abit

So Is it effective to tackle poverty without tacking inequality?
Should poverty concern us all?.. even if we don't live in poverty ourselves?
Studies have shown that unequal societies suffer the worst crime - the people suffer ill health - anxiety - are often low on social capital - low on trust
The richest ( western democratic) countries it's stated..are the most unequal

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