Wednesday, 2 October 2013


For me this year is significant..
I'll take things in my stride.. one step at a time.. one day at a time

tell you what though..I'll be happy not to see another cake for awhile

Nai enjoyed her day.. and her cake/s.

According to Ti.. these two symbolize unity.

They are very diifferent, the bee, and the ladybird
but they need each other, they're tight
But I've never seen a bee and a ladybird together I said and smiled
You have now.. he said

I like them very much.. even more so , now that Ti has given them meaning
the aim now.. is to keep them together


  1. All the birthdays in our family are squashed into 4 months so I understand not wanting to see cake. However, the first birthday will be coming up mid-November so I am looking forward to cake! Come February I will have had enough!

  2. November b'days..enjoy. Then the reflective splendor of year end shortly after!