Sunday, 27 October 2013

It's a breezy Sunday..

Sunday is upon us, I’m a little late getting it done, but dinner is now cooked. Phew.
One thing I cannot abide (for myself) is cooking late. There is so much to do in a day, even if that includes doing nothing.. than to worry about dinner late in the day

We’ve been warned of a serious storm later on tonight with hurricane force winds. If you do not hear from me after tonight , you may assume the tree I’ve been on at my local council to trim , has toppled over.. and taken me, and the people above me.. out.
I would be seriously annoyed if that were to happen, as I’ve spoken about it many many many many many times.
I have a thing about not being listened too.. It annoys me.. a bit. ( Yes, like most people I suspect)
It's seems solid enough anyway, so hopefully... all will be well.
I love trees, but it's good to keep an eye on them sometimes... they are like people.
Seriously.. they are :)

Ironically... it's very sunny and warm out at the moment..

Over in my world, I'm looking forward to being able to indulge in some retail therapy. Nothing frivolous, but I need a few bits and bobs now, and have been extremely disciplined on that front, for a very long time. Anyway I had a look online and you can be sure, that whenever something caught my eye... I mean really attracted me... it was be priced around the £100 range.
I'm sure my mum would have something to say about that, but in my defence, I spent my formative years watching her cut cloth, and sew garments... so I do like nice quality material, even if I cannot always have it. I am able to recognise it. Hmmm.. I may have to put that on pause awhile longer.

Anyway... aside from me wanting to clear out the racks of Top Shop, some other boutique, and just have a girly day, I've been very busy of late, and have lots of reading to do, so haven't posted much.
But all in all... things are well

A song for Sunday?
Ernest Wilson

Happy Sunday all x.. I need to reason with my tree

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