Saturday, 19 October 2013

Really sad news to hear that Felix Dexter has died. He was a very funny man. Very caring also.
I saw him a few times on stage.
I remember once attending an event at an organisation set up to support ex-offenders and he was there, yes he was naturally funny, but he was also serious, thoughtful, smart, and delivered a really great speech
I remember having an intense focus on every word he said. I shall remember that like yesterday.. off stage moments
Felix was a great guy

.. Felix

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  1. Man! RIP Felix Dexter, a great great loss. Felt very sad when I heard of his passing on the radio, didn't even know he was terminally ill. At 52 he was damn too young. Thanks for the videos D, still cracking up laughing at my desk ("Mashup Lucifer" lol!)

    The last of the Black Mohicans, a true renaissance man. We salute!