Saturday, 5 October 2013

The sniffles..

Sore throat central.. with a slight cough
The early stages of a cold, have become a cold, so I'm a little lethargic today.
Anyway.. I'll not be venturing too far out today, if at all. In fact.. I feel I'll be bringing a blanket to accompany me on the sofa
I kinda fancy a glass of baileys aka Irish too.. perhaps a cuddle, but hey ho.. I'll let that ride.

Last night I saw a little of American X Factor, and wondered if the lovely Kelly Rowland has had a face lift or nose job or something. Her nose looked a little 'Jacksonesque'.
I wondered very briefly of the pressure to straighten/europeanize, wider or black/African looking noses when fame hits as does the importance to look 'beautiful' to the many and not just the few.

If does exist.. I wondered if that pressure is real or imagined
Having said all that, it may just have simply been make-up techniques
I love Kelly nonetheless.. I just wondered


As a woman rode past me last night, I heard a load snap, looked over to see she'd fallen off her bike.. she rolled over so uncontrollably that both her legs were wide open in the air at one point.. ( in slow motion)
lardamercy.. I checked she was okay (we were the only ones on that stretch of road)
We both agreed she was lucky she wasn't on the main road..
turns out her seat had snapped.. she was shocked, but okay

tell you what.. once it was clear she was really okay and unhurt.. I walked away and left her chatting to a youngster who had come along on his bike..

and I was...

All the way up up the freakin' road..


  1. Take a big BIG dose of Vitamin C -- it might nip the cold in the bud! It often works for me.

  2. Will try that.. feel quite sickly now :(