Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Just thinking..

Barely slept a wink last night
So.. now my head aches. Yes.. my head aches
Had a long talk with my 'Frasier Crane' friend tonight.. as I lay in the tub.
It's easy to talk to her as we've shared similar experiences. e.g, We both know what it's like to feel a loss of confidence.. or feel insecure, take a knock, get back up.. feel good..laugh at ourselves.. and our folly. Live..
We have a similar world view, even though we are very different.

When I waver, she is strong, and when she wavers I am strong.. so it's fair to say that we have developed a supportive friendship. She is extrovert to my introvert.
We've known each other since we were 16. She's country and I'm Town. We pretty much know intuitively if we're beginning to grate on each other... which is useful

Tonight one of the topics we touched upon was single parenting. Perhaps because I watched a film yesterday that was insightful, even if a little depressing.. so I wont go into it right now.. at least not until i'm able to articulate my views on the matter, de-personalize it perhaps, look at it objectively, and whether or not this 'phenomina' really does impact on certain communities more than others ( and if so, why) or whether it's simply a sign of the times.
The evolution of the family?.. or not?
surely there is no one answer (if any) and numerous reasons

We spoke about the significance of our generation, and just how little time has passed since colonialism.. only a generation ago, so no time at all really. 1965 being the 1st race relations act in the UK. Is it important to remember this?
Yes, I think so.

Random flashback

The 2nd bass line I ever learnt was Hey Joe.. you see, there's a Jimi Hendrix doc on the BBC.
A Guy called Patrick taught me. He was a big Hendrix fan.. he would have enjoyed this show...he's gone now


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