Monday, 14 October 2013

Who would you like to meet on the tube?..

Had Ti going on and on past two days about Jay Z on the tube..
'Oh man.. mum JayZ was on the TUBE.. why wasn't I out and about that day?!..
This morning the temperature increased..
'oh mannn!.. Chris Martin was there too!..ohhhhhhhhhhh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!'

Yes, Ti is a bit of a JayZ, Kanye, and Coldplay fan.
Thought i'd wind him up.., who next Rhianna on the bus, chatting to Obama?

To be fair... it's exciting to come across someone you admire when you least expect it.. heck I wouldn't mind bumping into those two on the tube..esp if I was with Ti..he'd love it..fun, and I'd love to see his reaction

So it was a Coldplay morning this morning

I like Yellow:)


I once said i'd like to share a taxi with Cornel West.. ( a New York taxi oddly enough) but if not, a black cab would do just fine!..so... who would I like to bump into on the train?
Hmmm.. not sure.. probably still Cornel at the mo to be honest
Or maybe an unknown..who, after I've met them, has the most positive and joyous impact on my life :)

What about you?
Who would you like to bump into on the Tube, or share a cab with?

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  1. I'd like to share a cab with Maya Angelou and TDJakes. On the tube, I'd like to see Halle Berry or Salli Richardson-Whitfield. Good blog post