Friday, 18 October 2013

..and then it arrived

Friday evening.
Feels good
Just to be able to relax the mind, chill and de-stress.

Its been a busy week, as busy weeks go, but now.. it's not busy at all

I tend to have a bottle of 'fizzy drink' or two in the house.. mainly in case of emergency for Ti, but it turns out he's been drinking too much on the side. Doc told him if to drink diet fizzy if he really likes the taste, but he cannot drink fizzy drinks for obvious reasons. I've told him this so many times, so was a bit irritated as he's had his levels under control really well for months until now. Still.. he's on top of it now, and he's okay so my irritation has gone. Maybe i'll go back to not having any, they can come in handy.. but may be too tempting.

Its not unusual to like something that not's good for you though is it
Food, drink, people, you name it.

Still..once in a while a little of what you fancy does you good

Tonight I'll opt for a quiet one... to regroup and refocus.. have a laugh at Gavin and Stacey..enjoy a few treats.. catch up on some news, some articles, feel good awhile, and chill

It's Friday
and it's time to be still awhile

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