Monday, 28 October 2013

Stormy weather

I tried to stay awake to monitor the storm, but it turns out that it would hit my neck of the woods .. now.Minutes ago, I watched a huge branch snap off the tree at the back and fall to the side.
had it had fallen in my direction, it would be in my house now.
Luckily no one was walking past
I'm still watching in.. nervously

I can't wait for this breeze to pass..
but once it has.. someone, somewhere will be seeing and hearing from me
(did I mention how huge it is?)

I had a weird dream.. George Clinton turned up chasing us, and had cows udders on his chest ( was part of it)

On the positive side, my garden has never seen so much light.. which should make a big difference

Enjoy your day x


  1. Hope you and your home survived the storm!

  2. All in all.. it wasn't too bad this side of Town! .. thankfully :)