Thursday, 3 October 2013

Is it ever too early...

To tell someone you love them?..
Or for them to say it to you?
A week?, two?..
A month.. A year?
A day?
That was the thought/question posed to me by a friend this evening

When a man tells a woman he loves her after knowing her a few short weeks..
Is it a ploy?
Misuse of a word?
I asked her how she felt..
Uneasy.. was the reply or something to that effect

Surely that's the answer.. I thought
I don't think there's a rule.. it's different for, with,and between, different people
I know for me if it isn't true.. i'd prefer not to hear it..at the very least I'd take it with a pinch of salt perhaps
It's okay to say 'thanks' I guess.. as time will tell
If it's truth, she will know.. even without a word spoken

hey..I don't know.. I'll sleep on it


  1. Nice.

    I can only speak on this from personal experience. I tend to fall in love quickly, but out of fear its too early or rejection, I will just show that I love her, and perceived her actions. If she behaves liked someone who is in love with me, I will tell her.
    I once had a girlfriend who cut a family vacation short and flew back early, from Australia just to spend my birthday with me. I knew that was love.

    1. I love quickly too. It's nice.

  2. I think the only rule is: listen to your intuition. If she's uneasy, her intuition is telling her to take things slow.

    1. gut feeling.. wise to listen to it.

  3. I was here last night trying to leave a comment but my computer was acting up so I am back again. (I am not stalking you, honest!)

    My husband I confessed our love after about a week and a half. It took us another 4 years to get married and another year after that to get married. We definitely waited for the euphoria to pass but yes, we fell in love very quickly.