Thursday, 10 October 2013

Home stuff..

I'm so glad it's Friday tomorrow. I am quite knackered having forced myself to battle through feeling pretty rough this week. My body is grateful for a quiet Thursday eve, and the pending weekend.
A screw just fell off my oven door, drat, in fact .. double drat, as i'm a DIY-er screwdriver phobe ( basically , not that great at fixing things) but will now have to find time to do it over the weekend.
( but then I may just ask my oldest son actually)

This weeks meals have been a bit of a sorry mix and match affair.. and the fridge is starting to look a little like a 'Lab'.. but, happy am I that I've managed to get through the week.

I long for some Okra, green bananas, and Trevally.
Then for afters..some home made apple crumble, and custard.
Maybe next week.. all things being well

Attended my Social Justice lecture last night.. felt like I'd returned home. Most of the others in the group are studying Law.
I came away last night really impressed..with lots to ponder on.. again.
Home is where the heart is...

update.. Ti's on to it.. didn't even have to ask


  1. Did you mention custard? Hmm, I could eat a whole bowl now. I love diy.

    I hope you get a good rest at the weekend!

  2. Cheers Joe..
    a good rest.. music to my ears :)
    ive never fixed anything that hasn't needed fixing again hours later!..
    Me?.. I'd rather watch