Saturday, 12 October 2013

Time out & chill

Took a few hours out in the local library today.. and promptly kept nodding off between pages.
I felt sooo relaxed.. and apart from the piercing sounds of the police or ambulance sirens passing by, it was mainly quiet and peaceful.
Home now, and I'll continued on and off, in the appropriate undress, that being home demands.

In a short reflective moment last night, I thought back to this time last year. Emotionally drained, preparing for graduation, and wondering what seeming turmoil I had unwittingly invited into my life. Strange events.. let downs.. you know..the usual/unusual

Looking back now it all seems like a dream.. a million immature light-years ago
No longer walking that particular tightrope things feel different now, peaceful, stable.
and if anyone knows anything about me.. it's that I like balance..and really don't dig erratic

Nothing's all bad, and nothing's all good.. so in looking back I try to keep a sense of balance, to neither castigate, nor romanticize.. but view history through a lens of honesty, and truth, as much as I am able to

I'm often told..life is filled with ups and downs.. what's important is to learn the lessons, move on, and smile.
It's true
I'm optimistic.. I feel okay.. well..today anyway.. feelings change, but the trick (if you can call it that) Is to control them, and not let them control you
All is well..
As love and happiness, have no sell by date

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