Friday, 4 October 2013

Random thoughts on love

Had some really nice conversations today
Unplanned ones are often the sweetest

My random thoughts on love tonight are..

You can never be sure who you'll fall for...it can often surprise you
Love can feel so scary to some that they erect barriers to block out the very thing they want most
Its worth protecting
It's a way of being
How you express your love.. can be a reflection of not only the love you feel for yourself, but that which you value also
The ability to receive love gracefully is a beautiful thing.. but takes humility
It's worth preparing for.. sort yourself out.. and continue to grow.. learn explore
Openness may be risky.. but we learn to discern
Men also fear they may not be good enough.. just like women. not all of course.. but some
.. and it's okay to admit it
If you can't be yourself with another.. you cheat yourself of a beautiful relationship
Everyone can be annoying at times
If you bad mouth your love to another.. it's bad karma (talk to them)
Hold respect dear.. lose respect.. and it's all over
Your lover should not be your enemy..
But your friend
Trust is essential.. break it.. and you break a special bond
When you can't wait to share special news.. when you look forward to spending your down time with someone..
that's a pretty nice space to be in
It's exciting.. energizing..
soul replenishing..
and worth it

Hope you all had a wonderful Friday!


  1. Clearly you know what you're talking about! Words of wisdom.

    1. Hopefully learning more as each day goes by

  2. Being pansexual and demi sexual I don't really understand love at all.

    1. Ive just looked them both up Joe as I didnt know what they meant. Interesting, I can relate. I shall read on..