Friday, 6 February 2015

and it's under the duvet I go

I went for my dress fitting today and the dress is beautiful.
In fact, I almost don't feel beautiful enough for the dress.
So now I'm miserable.
My dress is too beautiful for me
shame that.
Other than feeling tired, and emotionally drained :) I can't explain my sudden low mood
As I surveyed the evidence...I wasn't happy with myself.
All I could see .. was flaws.
It could be hormones, as I'm not often like that

I think i'll have an early night, and think of nothing. Get to the business of feeling better , as its been a bit of a rough week.
I don't think I'll be looking very different tomorrow but by the time I collect my dress next week, I hope to feel it.
I need to work on it
I'm determined to...
and definitely work on feeling a lot less stressed
I mentioned feeling a bit stressed to someone in passing today
they looked at me oddly..
'What have you got to be stressed about'.. they said ( it wasn't really a question.. I could tell by the tone)

You know.. I really just wanted to t'ump them down after that, , but we were in public lol!
and it was cold, and to do that I would have had to take my hands out my pocket..
and it would have hurt my hand anyway
Long story short .. I didn't thump anybody.
It was imagined.
Thier rubbishing of my feelings didn't help my mood
.No worries.. duvet it is

Have a lovely weekend all x


  1. Willy Dunne Wooters, Franklin, and I are confident that you are beautiful in the dress. If you want to thump someone, we say go right ahead.


    1. Thanks Janie, Dunne Wooters & Franklin, I appreciate your confidence,:) and ..for endorsing/understanding my violent outburst all be it imagined

  2. I have never seen a pretty dress on a hanger, My guess it you are just overwhelmed. You will look beauitful!

    Who says "what do you have to be stressed about?" I hope that person doesn't work in the caring/healthcare field.

    1. I think you are right, in that i'm probably just overwhelmed and need to relax a bit.
      and thank you

  3. People think that only bad events cause stress. But really stress comes from any kind of major life change, even one that's happy like marriage. Plus planning the wedding and getting ready for it are stressful too.

    1. I hadn't thought about it, but yes, I tended to associate stressful events with bad events. I didn't think a happy event could be - WRONG ! lol
      thanks for your understanding Debra.
      I had a good rest anyway, and plan to take it easy today too, as much as possible