Thursday, 19 February 2015

If Ray J was a girl...

It's possible that 'her' story would have been met with far more revulsion and outrage,than it has been. The statistics of violence against women by men would have been recounted, and sympathy heaped upon her, with little outside of anger and disgust towards her male attacker and abuser.

But Ray J is not a woman or a girl. Ray J is a man.

A singer, in fact. Brandy's RnB singing younger brother


It was reported that Ray J's girlfriend beat him so badly that she cracked his ribs, busted his lip, and tore one of his knee ligaments.
It has been reported that she has since been charged with domestic abuse and battery

Ray J

It's my hope that people will be as saddened and as disgusted with her attack as they would be if her name was.. Chris Brown.
I've been told many times that domestic violence against men is rife but under, and even unreported, due to the stigma that the men may feel, and society's attitudes. I'll be honest... there was a time that I myself shrugged off the phenomena.. reluctant was I to believe it.
But sadly, women do beat men too.
Even with names as pretty as Princess Love

Male violence is a problem for sure and it remains true that it is women who are predominantly the victims of this crime.....but that being said, perhaps we need a revised conversation on domestic violence

The couple, during 'happier times

If you were in any doubt as to how disgusting violence against women can be, look at this guy
It's Afroman.. singer/rapper of... 'Because I got high ' fame
Remember that song? no?... good for you...
Was he high at this point?... It's hard to tell, but I'm not sure who's gonna book him after this..


  1. I have never shrugged off the phenomena. Throughout my life I have known women that I am afraid to cross for fear of getting my ass beaten. I'm not a fighter, period. I have never hit a woman. As a kid I used to hit my sister alot, but when we were of high school age, I knew I could never get away with hitting her again. She used to wear these thick glasses, and guys in her class used to make fun of her. One guy humiliated her and even grabbed at her once. Yes, he only did it once. She beat his ass, and he ended up being humiliated. When she married someone a few years later, her husband thought he was going to be abusive. He once punched her in the face. She beat his ass. And began to do it regularly. I was proud of her because I had become overprotective of her. Anyway, I'm going off track. Domestic violence is wrong, no matter who does it, no matter the gender. Self-Defense is another matter.

  2. To be honest, I never heard of Afroman until yesterday. I have zero respect for any man who abuses a woman. I will never listen to his music.

    1. I remember the tune well. it was one of those catchy poppy novelty humorous tunes ( all about smoking weed) . There was nothing funny about that mans behaviour towards that woman. Shocking really. Zero respect from me too.

  3. Good points Alieux.
    Domestic violence is wrong no matter who does it. Self defense is another matter

  4. I am appalled by all violence, even though I wrote a silly post about wanting to kill Willy Dunne Wooters. I hope everyone knew that was a joke. Hurting a man is as egregious as hurting a woman, unless the reason is self-defense.


  5. Domestic violence is ugly and wrong, whoever is the perpetrator. Very sad, that it happened and that society doesn't take violence against men seriously. Happy Friday, Dawna!

    1. Happy Friday Fundy! the weekend is upon us :) enjoy yours

  6. I must have missed your post about Willy Dunne, but yes i'm sure we all know your only joking!
    I agree with you, both ways are horrid. Imagine the children that witness such violence and can do nothing.. how scary for them